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On Minimalism

Photo by  Jack Li

Photo by Jack Li

So, this is me in what I consider to be "a lot of look," wearing a new hat with one of my favorite coats. I'm a bit of a minimalist and believe in owning a few high quality items I can use daily. It's no coincidence that I bring the same values to Monsoon Pottery. Sometimes friends will visit my studio, pick up one of my seconds and say, “what exactly is wrong with this?” and I respond with a problem that’s imperceptible to them. 

Minimalism puts you in a mindset of, “why should this have a place in my life,” which, as a result, drives my quality standards to a potentially unhealthy extreme. Instead of making work around the idea of what might be fun for the season, I’m thinking about how I hope my pieces will be inherited through generations of families as treasured heirlooms.

Sometimes it feels crazy to contextualize my work on such a long timeline but it would honestly make me feel so bad if a piece of Monsoon Pottery wasn’t perfectly beautiful, functional, and durable for you. If it doesn’t show up for you 100% every day, it’s disposable.