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Monsoon Pottery offers a limited selection of custom work. Please allow 6-8 weeks for custom jobs to ship. 

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Tier 1 - Out of stock

If you would like to order an item that is out of stock, please email us with the item name and finish (if applicable) along with your email and shipping address. We will invoice you for the order amount with applicable taxes as a deposit for your order and a second invoice for shipping costs when the order ships. 

Tier 2 - Swapping clay bodies and glazes

If you see a piece you like, such as the Ridged Elaine, but instead of white on porcelain, but would like a different clay body or finish, you can custom order that item using another product in our catalog as a guide. In this example, it would be the Ridged Elaine in beetle green on porcelain (like one of our cereal bowl finishes) or lilac on stoneware (like on our coffee carafe). 

Tier 3 - Turning an existing product into a set

An example of this would be if you like the Springbok plates, requesting a set of four plates with an accompanying serving platter in the same clay and glaze finish. The minimum order amount for this tier of custom work is $400.