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Haystack Collection


This July I had the opportunity to study with Hanako Nakazato at the Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle Maine and the time I spent there changed my life. I’d been following Hanako’s work since I became interested in ceramics so it was surreal to get to know and learn from my pottery idol—and meet an incredible group of potters and humans to boot.

The workshop itself was focused around production pottery techniques with an emphasis on throwing off the hump, a technique where one large hunk of clay is centered on the wheel and many smaller items are thrown from that large piece. All the pieces in this collection are thrown off the hump with the exception of the two vases.

Hanako is a fourteenth generation Japanese potter from the province of Karatsu and owns Monohanako.

Triangle Cup with Brushstroke

Triangle Cup with Brushstroke


Porcelain cup with three spouts and dark brown brush stroke decoration on the exterior finished in a clear glaze. Serve an amuse bouche and present it like a secret or use it as a ponzu server—your imagination will inform you on this one! One of a kind.

Approximately 3-1/2” diameter at the widest point, 3-1/4” top diameter, 1-3/4” bottom diameter, and 2” tall.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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