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Monsoon Pottery

Bamboo Oval Platter - Gold Snow Edition

Bamboo Oval Platter - Gold Snow Edition

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Strength, beauty, and utility, bamboo is the stalwart of Chinese symbols. The Confucians and Daoists both prized bamboo’s ability to bend without breaking; showing strength through flexibility. Oval porcelain platter decorated in the bamboo motif. Each platter is etched completely by hand and filled in with pigmented clay using the traditional mishima technique.

Measures approximately 12-1/2” in length, 9-1/2” wide, and 1/2” tall.

This platter has highlighted details in 24 carat gold and the firing created a particle effect on the surface that resembles snow. One of a kind.

Dishwasher safe. Do not put in the microwave.

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