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Monsoon Pottery

Crane Bowl - Gold Crown & Rim

Crane Bowl - Gold Crown & Rim

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Wheel thrown porcelain bowl decorated with a crane using the mishima technique. Each bowl is coated in wax resist and the crane motif is hand-etched into the surface. We used colored porcelain slip (liquid clay) to fill in the grooves and then wipe away the excess to reveal the crisp blue line work. A small gold crown accentuates each crane's head along with a gilded rim.

Cranes have come to symbolize longevity and peace in Chinese culture and we hope they bring harmonious energy into your home. We recommend you add a Lao Peng You Chili oil to your order to get $5 off this bowl. Discount taken at checkout. 

Each bowl is handmade so the size, shape, and line work varies from piece to piece. Measures approximately 4" in diameter and 1 to 1-1/2" tall. 

All gold accents are real 22K gold. Do not microwave. Hand wash only. 

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