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Monsoon Pottery



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Created for the ACLU Celebrity Chef Dinner held on 2/20/2023. When I think about the ACLU I think about fighting the good fight. I look at the world today and see a polycrisis. It's easy to get burned out and paralyzed worrying so it's more important than ever to Fill Your Cup. 

Cranes represent peace and luck across many Asian culture and believe it or not, you can see Sandhill and Whooping cranes migrating over Chicago from September to November. In Japanese folklore, cranes (and all migratory birds) are believed to live in another dimension. I gravitated towards this symbolism because our reality is becoming increasingly distorted and it feels like the cranes have left us. 

I hope this cup is filled literally and metaphorically: put a giant ice cube in it with a couple fingers of whiskey; mix a soba sauce and dunk/slurp the noodles up; whisk matcha to a froth--whatever recharges your batteries.

Like all migratory birds, cranes do return. This cup is a reminder to care for yourself in service of a long fight and symbol of hope for returning to a saner dimension, a more peaceful reality. 

Wheel thrown porcelain cup silk screen printed with cranes in black and a hand-painted red crown detail. Glazed in a clear glaze with a unique expression of glaze trailing on every cup. 

Measures approximately 3-3/4" in diameter and 3" tall. Holds around 10oz. Pricing is for a single cup. Photos are meant to show reasonable variation between cups. 

Microwave and dishwasher safe. This piece is quite fine so hand-washing is a way to take extra care. 

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