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Monsoon Pottery

Gaiwan Set

Gaiwan Set

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Wheel thrown porcelain gaiwan set with a hand-painted blue and pink larkspur decoration. My mother grew delphiniums when I was young and I was always struck by their feathery petals and saturated hues. This decidedly femme gaiwan set feels like a celebration every time it's used. 

Set includes one three-piece gaiwan, a pitcher, and two tea cups. 

This is my first attempt at gaiwans and they might feel a little hefty for tea drinkers who are used to very lightweight sets. I think it's a great starter set for someone who is afraid of burning their fingers and loves to see traces of handmade work.

The pitchers are generously sized and designed to be have ample empty space at the top so you can grasp it even when tea may be too hot. 

Gaiwan body holds 4-6oz. Pitchers hold 10-12oz at maximum capacity. Tea cups hold approximately 3oz. 

Microwave and dishwasher safe. 

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