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Volition Tea

Volition Tea Sampler

Volition Tea Sampler

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These four teas were selected specifically for the Monsoon Tea Capsule and each one pairs with a pastry from the Maa Maa Dei Variety Pastry Box

  • Lu'an Melon Peel Green Tea (六安瓜片) with Salted Egg Yolk Shortbread Cookies (鹹蛋黃酥 Haam Daan Wong Sou)
    Lu’an Melon Peel is the most complicated green tea to make in the entire world. 100% handmade by the fourth generation tea producer Xi Wei Hai, this tea smooths out the grainy texture of shortbread cookies, adding sunflower seeds’ nuttiness which effortlessly complements the salted egg yolk’s umami flavors. A true spring pairing. 

  • White Jade wulong tea (白玉) with Taiwanese Pineapple Tarts (鳳梨酥 Fung Lei Sou)
    We can’t do a tea pairing for the famed Taiwanese Pineapple Tarts without using a wulong tea. This medium-roast wulong in a pillow form is packed with rich flavors, aroma, and mouthfeel. Its distinct orchid aroma and milk chocolate silky texture on the palate balance out the acidity from the pineapple jam, while enhancing the refreshing nature of this pastry. Hope you are ready for an explosion of flavors from this combo.

  • Girl Village raw Pu’er tea (姑娘寨生普洱) with Pandan Snowball Cookies (香蘭雪球餅 Pandan Kue Putri Salju)
    The raw Pu’er is the funkiest of them all, packed with caffeine and brewed a deceivingly bright yellow cup of liquor. The woody, malt and mineral flavors of the raw Pu’er collides against the pronounced sweetness from pandan flavor and powdered sugar, creating intense chemistry; an embodiment of opposites attract.

  •  Red Jade red tea (红玉) with Sakura Pastry with Anko
    An over-the-top pastry needs an over-the-top tea to complement. Made by the same farmer Chen Yong Qiang and using the same tea leaves as the White Jade, get ready to have your mind blown by the flavors of baked sweet potatoes and molasses coming out of this gorgeous red tea. This tea’s earthiness and natural sweetness dance in synchrony with red bean paste from this Sakura pastry. A true power couple.

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