Handmade pottery for the thoughtful home

I'm Danielle and I'm the artist behind Monsoon Pottery. I've always been a half country and half city mouse. You'll see that reflected in my Asian Farmhouse and Chinatown Collections. Stay a while and look around. You may find something you can't live without.

Petal Collection at Martha Mae

I made a collection of petal shaped wares in collaboration with Jean Cate of Martha Mae. I was inspired by historic Asian ceramics that have petal shaped rims and Jean's grandmother used to collect petal-shaped ceramics. Read more about my inspiration and how the collection was made here

The entire collection is available in-person at The Center of Order and Experimentation and online the Martha Mae website.

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Monsoon Pottery is used in these establishments: FeldOmakase RoomGiant, Anelya, Parachute, Loaf Lounge, Third Season at the Roof Crop, and Hermosa