Private Events

Danielle is now offering private events for groups of 10-20 people. Consider our workshops for special occasions, such as birthday or anniversary parties, or corporate events, such as office building amenities or team outings. Our workshops are designed for adults. 

Tea Tasting Workshop

Danielle loves brewing tea gong fu style and has become completely obsessed with making gaiwans--lidded cups for brewing loose leaf tea. 

Gong fu cha, which loosely translates to "making tea with skill" or "making tea with effort", is a traditional Chinese method of preparing and enjoying tea that dates back hundreds of years. Originating in the Chaozhou and Fujian regions of China, gong fu cha engages all the senses in service of brewing loose leaf tea for tasting. A series of strong successive steeps reveal the full flavor profile of tea. Beyond just tasting tea, gong fu cha can become a personal ritual that fosters mindfulness, appreciation of craftsmanship, and fun.

The Tea Tasting Workshop includes: 

  • An hour and a half long tea session tasting three to five of Danielle's favorite teas from her personal collection (usually including one cold brew)
  • Tea education including an overview of the six types of tea, focusing on Chinese and Taiwanese loose leaf teas
  • An introduction to the idea of 'cha qi' or how tea makes you feel
  • A Monsoon Pottery tea tasting cup for each participant to take home
  • Snacks -- we have tiered options

Please email with subject line "Tea Tasting" for pricing and scheduling inquiries. Workshops require a minimum of 10 participants.

Clay Carving Workshop

Learn the technique Danielle employs to create Monsoon Pottery's signature blue and white wares. In this clay carving workshop, participants will create two original porcelain plates. Learn the history of inlay and blue and white wares in addition to the basics of the inlay technique. 

Danielle will discuss the power of the traditional Asian symbols and motifs she references in her own work and encourage you to craft your own. Participants are encouraged to bring ideas and line drawings to reference. 

The Clay Carving Workshop includes: 

  • A three hour workshop with hands-on instruction of the inlay technique
  • Two small porcelain plates for each participant to decorate
  • A history lesson on inlay and blue & white wares
  • Help facilitating catering and non-alcoholic beverages (varies with venue)
  • Shipping finished plates to visiting participants

Plates usually takes 2-3 weeks to fire and finish after the workshop and can be picked up by the organizer at the Monsoon Pottery studio in West Town. 

Please email with subject line "Clay Carving Workshop" for pricing and scheduling inquiries. Workshops require a minimum of 10 participants.