Gaiwan Sets: A Throwing off the Hump Workshop

Saturday, February 25

Gnarware Workshop
1838 W Cermak
Chicago, IL 60608

Throwing off the hump is a useful technique to add to your wheel throwing toolkit. It makes throwing small objects on the wheel easier and allows you to speed up production when making duplicates. Join Danielle Chutinthranond of Monsoon Pottery in this off the hump workshop centered around making gaiwan sets. A gaiwan is a traditional Chinese tea vessel that consists of a saucer, bowl, and lid. The set includes the three-piece gaiwan, a pitcher, and 2-3 tea cups. We'll be covering the basics of gongfu tea practice and how the practice informs the design and construction of all the objects therein.

Through this workshop we will touch many skills including: spiral wedging, throwing off the hump, constructing lidded vessels, fitting saucers, making spouts, and making duplicates. Some wheel throwing experience recommended and experience throwing 6+ lbs of clay is a plus. Calipers will be provided.

More information and registration here.