Collection: Wood Fired

Wood firing is one of the oldest and most primal ways to fire pottery. These pots were fired in the River Song train kiln in Plano, IL. A train kiln is built of brick with a firebox on one end, a chimney at the other, with "train car" of pots in between. Fire, wood, and ash travel between the pots to create a natural wood ash glaze on the surface of the pots. The kiln is fed wood and fired for 48 hours and given about a week to cool. 

Many of these pots are glazed only with wood, flame, and ash. For deeper pots, like cups and chawans, glazes like celadon, Hamada clear, shino, and tenmoku were applied to the insides of the pots where wood ash was unlikely to travel. All wood fired pots are fully functional and food safe. 

Every pot in this collection is one of a kind. No restocks.