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Monsoon Pottery

Celadon Gaiwan Set

Celadon Gaiwan Set

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Wheel thrown 3-piece porcelain gaiwan and two matching, hand-beveled tea cups.

This set was reduction fired in a celadon glaze. Traditional celadon takes on a green/teal hue. The combination of our porcelain with this glaze recipe created beautiful blue trail marks the capture the drip and trail marks of the glaze as it dried on the pot after dipping.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

Gaiwan measures 3-1/4" tall with all three pieces. Gaiwan cup measures 3-1/2" diameter at the top and has a capacity is 6 ounces or 177mL. Tea cups measure approximately 3" in diameter at the top and 1-3/4" tall. 

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