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Monsoon Pottery

Red Clay Smudge Dish

Red Clay Smudge Dish

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Substantial red b-clay slab decorated with white slip. Unglazed to promote a grounded feeling. Each slab comes with a thumbprint rock for propping up sage bundles, palo santo, or protecting the larger dish from the oils that ooze from incense bricks and cones.

The photo with two thumbprint rocks shows the result of burning an incense brick. These products leave oily residues that are hard to clean off, regardless of whether the piece is glazed.

Measures around 5-1/2" in diameter and approximately 1" tall.

The white slip could crack off in thick areas since the dish is not glazed. A dry brush or hand broom would work best for cleaning between burns. Microwave and dishwasher safe. Don't scrub if you don't want the white to wear away. 

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