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San Cai Wan 1

San Cai Wan 1

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Wheel thrown 3-piece porcelain gaiwan, also known as an "san cai wan" meaning three intellect bowl. Reduction fired in shino glaze. One of a kind.

San cai wan can be classified as serving or drinking vessels depending on size. Larger vessels like this are considered individual drinking vessels that were traditionally used to brew green tea. Use a lower volume of tea than if you were brewing gong fu style for a group.

The saucer is designed so the drinker can securely hold a hot cup and simultaneously push tea leaves away from the lip with the lid.

San cai wan measures around 4" in height. Brewing cup is 4" in diameter at the top and holds 7 ounces or 207 milliliters.

Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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